Do NOT Learn German, Please!


Do NOT Learn German, Please!

Do not learn German. Stop it! Yes, you have heard me: Do not learn German. And I mean it. So, you are saying that this is a very strange piece of advice from somebody who is offering his German language coaching and teaching services, hmm? No, it is not. Please, rest assured that I am aware of what I am doing and I did it on purpose.

So, why by no means shouldn’t you learn German?

As always, you will get the short answer right away: Because I don’t want you to lose time and money and energy. There are so many languages that I have started to learn and then – for whatever reason – I gave up. Shouldn’t I have stopped it in the very beginning before spending time and money and energy?

And yes, there are so many other languages that I started out to learn, and I kept learning, I am still learning, I have never stopped using them, and, in the end I have reached a nice comfortable skill level that I am happy with. In other words: I became fluent in those languages.

Let’s compare this issue to other things in your life. Say, you want to build a house or buy an apartment. For most people that would be a major investment. It is not an easy decision because so many things depend on it. After all the decision has a major impact on your wallet and your time, and your energy. Once you have built that house or bought that apartment you want to live in it. And if the house is not finished, if you haven’t got furniture or even a roof and windows, you just can’t move in. Meaning that it is finished when it is usable.

Let’s assume you build a house and your running out of time, money and energy. Wouldn’t it be better not to have made that decision in the first place?

How to know if learning German is worthwhile?

First of all you should imagine your life after having mastered the language. What is different from now (I don’t speak German) to then (I speak German fluently)? Now, your answers could be something like: ‘I will have a wonderful time in Germany speaking to a lot of friends.’ or ‘I will understand everything in German business meetings even when they don’t speak English.’ or ‘My sales will go up by at least 25% once I am able to speak German fluently.’. Okay, good answers. All of them.

Another possible answer to the question ‘What will be different then’ could be: ‘Nothing will change. I will be able to speak German, however, that doesn’t change my life.’ That’s not a good answer.

To be honest, there are no good or bad answers. You should be able to make a better decision based on that answer. Learning German or any other language is not something you do along the way. It is a major project that requires time and money and energy. So, use your resources wisely.

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I am a language learning enthusiast teaching both several different foreign languages such as German, English, and Spanish, and language learning strategies and methods in order to make learning fun and successful.