Is German hard to learn?


Is German hard to learn?

So many people think that German is hard to learn

What makes them think that German could be a difficult language to master? Hard to learn? Well, there are several reasons why a lot of people think this way. We will address many—if not all—of those reasons in the context of this podcast.

Oh, yes, and there are also a lot of reasons why German isn’t hard to learn. I have known a lot of foreigners in both Germany and Austria who spoke the language fairly well within a few months. Natural talents? No, not at all. They have used certain methods. They avoided certain distractions. They … well, I will tell you little by little, step by step.

Is German harder that English?

The short answer is yes, for most people. The slightly longer answer is a question: Why do you bother to get an answer to that question? The answer is not beneficial. Why would you want to choose between the two languages? Maybe you are from Spain and you have two job offers, one from Germany and one from the UK. Would you really base your decision on the language? That would be dumb. I would rather ask myself if I like the country, the people, and, most importantly, do I like the job.

If English is your mother tongue, and say, you would discover that German is harder than English, what you do with that fact? Right. Nothing at all. You won’t learn German the same way you learnt English. So, you are comparing the incomparable.

How hard is it really?

Actually the BBC has already done a pretty good job on giving 10 facts about the German language. Have fun reading them, and don’t let them discourage you. And remember: Any language is easy if you apply the right methods and strategies.

If you are still not convinced, why don’t you listen to the German Language Mining podcast?

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